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     While depression may be commonly diagnosed, the severity and combination of symptoms can vary widely among those who suffer from it. This condition destroys the ability to experience happiness and prevents people from reaching their full potential.


     Fortunately, the suffering caused by depression is completely treatable thanks to modern psychotherapeutic and medical interventions. The Depression Treatment program at The Lawrence Wellness Center, through its extensive resources, is committed to helping every client overcome depression and find the peace and joy they deserve.

  • Each client receives individualized treatment based on a comprehensive evaluation and careful diagnosis

  • The Lawrence Wellness Center has advanced training and expertise in treating depression, even particularly complex cases

​     Depression is a very common condition and many do not realize how disabling it can be to one's overall health and life. Many of the long-term problems with Depression have to do with incomplete treatment responses as well as depressive relapses.  Incomplete treatment refers to when an individual gets partially better, but not fully better.  Anything short of a 100% complete response leaves the individual much more vulnerable to a depressive relapse. 

      The longer-term outpatient phase is where the 100% response is usually reached and then preserved.  Sustainable happiness is the desired endpoint.  The new skills and healthy habits learned during the higher levels of care are put into full use at this stage. 

      The care provided at The Lawrence Wellness Center is designed to be both convenient and practical in a manner that is sustainable. Long-term recovery is our primary goal.

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